What is the Momme ?

Momme is Japanese form of weight measurement. Pronounced “moe-mie” and abbreviated as “mm,” momme expresses the weight (in pounds) of a piece of material sized 45 inches by 100 yards.

Silk pillowcase is the best pillowcase for your hair and skin, get one now and you will enjoy a more beautiful life!

Why Ravmix Silk Pillowcase

No Chemicals, 100% Pure

silk fabric has 18 kinds of Amino acids that are believed to effectively stimulate your skin cells' metabolism.


Keep the Hairstyle

Silk pillowcase is super soft and smooth to protect all hair types from friction, breakage, frizz, and bed head.


Reduce Facial Wrinkles

Silk pillowcase can help your skin maintain its natural moisture, which helps prevent dry skin and facial wrinkles throughout the night.


Cool to Touch

Silk pillowcase makes a great choice for warmer seasons or any sleeper who has a tendency to run warm.


How to use Enercos


Step #1 - Cleanse

Splash warm water on your face or even better, take a shower to open up your pores to allow dirt out.


Step #2 - Moisturize

Uses only the highest quality botanicals, plant-derived to make naturally good-for-you cosmetics at affordable!


Step 3 - Congratulation

You body care starts with a hot shower, allowing dirt and bad oils to be easily excreted.

Silk Care

Washing Info

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent or dry Clean.Gently Hand Wash Below 30°


Mild Neutral Liquid Detergent

Use Special Detergent for Silk.Recommend TENESTAR as the brand of specialized silk cleaner agent for silk products.


Do Not Tumble Dry

Never tumble dry silk. Hang dry if possible, however, avoid direct sunlight exposure.